Fishers x Heath Gin (50CL)
Fishers x Heath Gin (50CL) Fishers x Heath Gin (50CL)

Fishers x Heath Gin (50CL)


Fishers x Heath is a limited edition gin that celebrates the coming together of the coast and urban heathland. This gin is a finely balanced blend of Fishers' signature Suffolk coastal botanicals and those from Hampstead Heath.

Heath London is a skincare brand that focuses on products made from natural ingredients and botanicals. Sea Buckthorn married with Hawthorn and Heather along with exotic roots of the Orient play on the healing and restorative elements of Heath products.

For this limited-edition gin, we have also sourced a couple of additional local botanicals such as Gorse Flower, which has an extraordinary coconut and delicate tropical flavour

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Crisp, Floral, Zesty and Tropical 
Taste: Earthy base notes, tea, almond, coconut, fennel & liquorice 
Finish: Smooth and warming while remaining light and refreshing