Fishers Coronation Gin Gift Pack
Fishers Coronation Gin Gift Pack Fishers Coronation Gin Gift Pack

Fishers Coronation Gin Gift Pack


This very special edition of Fishers was distilled to commemorate HM King Charles III's Coronation. Limited to 200 bottles, presented in a collector's edition gift pack with matching fishnet glasses, Fishers Coronation Gin was distilled on the day of the Coronation and released at Navy Strength. 


Fishers Founder Andrew Heald worked closely with Distiller Ben Bewley-Pope to create the recipe for Coronation Gin. They based the recipe on Ben’s favourite gin, Fishers Fifty with the ABV increased to 58%: Fishers first Navy Strength gin. They have also increased the size of the bottle from 50cl to 70cl and decorated the bottle with a Coronation inspired Fishers fishnet design.


What made Fishers Coronation Gin even more special is that Andrew distilled the gin himself on the morning of the Coronation, Saturday 6th May.


Andrew and Ben are currently hand bottling and labelling the gin, so that the gin will be ready for dispatching the week commencing 22nd May.


This is a unique opportunity to purchase a very special Spirit of The Coast distilled to celebrate the King’s Coronation.


Fishers Fifty was inspired by our love for martinis and other short cocktails, Coronation Gin contains even more of our signature Suffolk coastal botanicals to enhance this hearty and savoury gin. Fishers Coronation will be perfect for a very royal Martini. 


Fishers Coronation Gin is a daring herbal and savoury flavoured gin with a touch of peppery spice on the tongue and a sweet pine aroma, all brought together and rounded off with earthy tones. It retains a very smooth and creamy finish despite its strength.


Perfect serve – A Martini with a Crown of Lemon Peel or as the ultimate Royal G&T.