Fishers River Alde Sloe Gin - 50cl
Fishers River Alde Sloe Gin - 50cl

Fishers River Alde Sloe Gin - 50cl

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This Sloe Gin is made exclusively from berries picked on the banks of the River Alde.

Most sloe gin has an ABV in the mid 20s, we expect ours to be nearer 40%. We are only releasing a limited number of bottles this year and we will be sending them out on Wednesday 16th December, so you will receive them in time for Christmas. 

Our distiller Ben is delighted with the way the gin is developing:

“Fishers River Alde Sloe Gin will have classic and very bright red fruit notes – think plums, cherries and sloes. There will certainly be nuances of earthiness, spice and frangipani with a strong almond note backing it all up.

A small amount of sugar will be added just to bring a tickle of sweetness and the best out of the slow itself. This will be added at the point of bottling to ensure only the correct amount is used as sloes vary from year to year.  Sloes have vintages like wine. Our sloes were picked wild and fresh and were frozen overnight before being steeped in a fishers recipe for several months.  There will also be a familiar fishers gin element there to enjoy as well.”