A Distiller's Guide To Fishers Fifty: Our Ultimate Cocktail Gin

A Distiller's Guide To Fishers Fifty: Our Ultimate Cocktail Gin

Ben Bewley-Pope, Fishers Gin Distiller

Fishers Fifty was created to celebrate the opening of our Aldeburgh Distillery in March 2020, and was the first opportunity Andrew & I had to put into practise our dream of creating a unique, flavoursome, higher ABV gin. This meant there were two very big opportunities for me personally, Fishers Fifty would be the first gin to be distilled using our brand new still, Watson (of which you can discover more on our Tour & Tasting Experiences - visit our Tours page for more info) and my first chance to impart my distilling creativity on the Original recipe resulting in the first new gin for Fishers since its launch. 

Fishers Fifty uses the same bill of botanicals as Fishers Original, but with a result that is bolder, more savoury and herbaceous. I boosted the Juniper to enhance the classic pine flavour so familiar with London Dry Gin, I reduced a few of the botanicals with flavours that are distinct yet common in gin - Cardamom and Orris Root, both of which I can taste a mile off in most ‘craft’ gins. I then set about tweaking the ratios of the local foraged botanicals found here on the coast, championing the particular flavours I loved from the Original; Rock Samphire for its minerality, Marsh samphire and Sea Purslane for their inherent salinity, Wood Avens for their nutmeg and cinnamon spice, Spignel's liquorish and celery flavours and the natural berry-sweetness of Bog Myrtle.

Fishers Fifty

Fishers Fifty

So why "Fifty"? Let's start with the obvious - Fishers Fifty features an increased strength of 50% ABV; 6% stronger than Fishers Original, a seemingly small amount, but it makes a big difference. In general, the higher the ABV, the higher the dissolved oils in the gin, which leads to a more intense flavour and smooth, creamy texture.

Don't discount Fishers Original though, which is our take on a classic London Dry Gin, designed to be enjoyed as a G&T, and our best selling gin to date. Fishers Fifty, still a London Dry Gin, is designed to be enjoyed on its own, and in classic cocktails such as a very dry Martini.


Let me walk you through the "Fishers Fifty Martini"


Fishers Fifty, a dry Vermouth, 1 lemon, ice, cocktail shaker or jug, stirring spoon, peeler

The key to a great Martini is ideally everything must be cold to begin with. However, if the need for one has snuck up on you, and you are under-prepared, follow the below: 

Step 1:

Take your shaker/jug and fill with ice. Pour in water and shake or stir vigorously. Pour the water into the Martini glass to chill it while you make the Martini. Throw away the remaining water and ice from the shaker/jug.

Step 2:

Refill the shaker/jug with ice and add a small splash of Vermouth, just enough to coat the ice after you have stirred a few times. If there is excess Vermouth sloshing at the bottom, throw away. We are making a very dry Martini!

Step 3:

Measure 150ml of Fishers Fifty into the shaker/jug. Stir the contents in a slow but deliberate style; you want it to be very cold but with as little ice dilution as possible.

Step 4:

Remove the cold water from your glass, pour in the Martini from the shaker/jug.

Step 5:

Pick up your lemon, peel off a strip directly over the glass allowing the zest-spray to fall over the top of your drink. Twist the lemon peel between your fingers and drop in as a garnish.

Fishers Fifty Martini

Fishers Fifty Martini

Here are some of my other favourite cocktail recipes, and how you can incorporate Fishers Fifty into your drinks cabinet, as your premium, special-occasion gin!

Fifty works equally well with short, high strength, old-fashioned drinks. For me, the epitome of that is the Negroni.


The traditional recipe calls for equal amounts of three drinks; Campari, sweet red Vermouth and Gin. I like to tailor the ratios a little to the sweeter side, using less Campari.

Ingredients: 40ml Campari, 60ml sweet red Vermouth, 60ml Fishers Fifty.

Build together in a tumbler and serve over ice, then garnish with a thin slice of orange

Fishers Fifty Negroni

Fishers Fifty Negroni


Very much a drink inspired by the desire to drink gin neat but with a little extra something.  Simply; gin and sweetened lime juice

Ingredients: 10ml sugar syrup, 10ml lime juice, 125ml Fishers Fifty

Place all ingredients into a shaker with ice, stir well. Serve in a cocktail glass with a wheel of lime to garnish.

Fishers Fifty Gimlet

 Fishers Fifty Gimlet

French 75

The French 75 is the perfect combination of Gin, citrus and fizz, suitable for any celebration. 

Ingredients: 25ml Fishers Fifty, 10ml lemon juice, 5ml sugar syrup, approx. 100ml Champagne.

Add Gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup to a shaker/jug with ice.

Strain/pour into an empty tall glass

Top with Champagne 

Garnish with lemon

Fishers Fifty French 75

Fishers Fifty French 75

We hope you enjoy experimenting with Fishers Fifty. If you have a favourite Gin cocktail, why not try it with Fishers Fifty and tag us in your Instagram posts!

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