Our Story

Raised by the Sea

Following a childhood spent surrounded by the shingle beaches, natural salt marshes and wild meadows of Aldeburgh our Founder, Andrew Heald, set about capturing the distinctive character and coastal experience of this unique location. In 2016, our first batch of Gin was born, Fishers Original.

Unique botanicals

Our gins are defined by our unique botanical line-up. Including Cardamom, Caraway and Fennel Seed paired with rarer coastal plants like Bog Myrtle, Rock Samphire, Wood Avens and Spignel.

The resulting spirit is unmistakably savoury with distinct herbal and saline, coastal notes.

Our Beachside Home

Completed in the Spring of 2020 our beautiful, beachside Gin Distillery is the closest to the sea in the UK. It’s also quickly becoming one of Aldeburgh’s most magnetic attractions - offering a variety of tours year round.

Visit Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh isn’t just home to Fishers. It’s also home to history, legend, art, music, literature and truly phenomenal fish and chips.

There are many great reasons to visit Aldeburgh.

We’re proud to be one of them and feel very lucky to call it home.