River Alde Editions - Spring Gin

Following the success of our Sloe Gin last year we are continuing our River Alde Editions range with our latest design - "Spring".

Inspired by the feeling of winter being behind us, our Spring Gin encompasses the optimism for what's to come in the year ahead. Gorse is unavoidable in this part of Suffolk, growing with fever from heathland to hedgerows and roadsides, its bright yellow colour is easy to spot, aided by the unusual nature for it to flower nearly all year round. However, it is in the early months of the year that the flowers have a surprisingly intense aroma of almond, vanilla and marzipan. Gorse is an unsung hero of this area, and one that provides solace through these early monochromatic months of the year with its bright burst of colour. Also emerging at this time of year is Blackthorn blossom, which sadly, is only fleeting. The small flowers dusts the bushes with pure white, conjuring up the image of what it might have looked like in winter, had we experienced any snow. The blossom has a much more subtle scent and needs to be collected in volume to appreciate. There is a beautiful symmetry with Blackthorn too, as we will bookend the year with its use - this light, floral blossom soon becomes Sloe berries, which of course, is where River Alde Editions started. 

Picking Gorse Flowers & Blackthorn BlossomPicking enough gorse flowers was a labour of love. As anyone will know these bushes are prickly at best and painful at every other time. Gloves can't be used as they remove any sensitivity to the touch and renders the picking to more of a crushing! Blackthorn by contrast is much easier, if not far more time consuming, as the amount needed is greater. 

To complete the recipe, added to these flowers were some exotic botanicals that we cannot successfully harvest in the UK. The reason for this was to help create a light, citrus and slightly floral flavoured gin. Oranges from Spain, Ginseng from China, Cassia Bark from India, and of course Gin’s best friend – Juniper, this time from Macedonia.

Fishers River Alde Editions - Spring Gin

How to enjoy:

Tall glass

Lots of ice

35ml of Spring Gin

Slice of Lemon

Premium light tonic

Gorse flower if you are brave enough to pick one.

Fishers River Alde Editions Spring Gin

Available in extremely limited quantities, a feeling of excitement fills the distillery when we develop a new gin, and with Spring Gin, we are immensely proud of what we've produced.

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Shipping week commencing 24th April 2023.