Fishers Original Gin Fishers Original Gin
Fishers Original Gin Fishers Original Gin

Fishers Original Gin


Fishers Original was the first gin we created, it remains our best-selling gin. We distil in small batches using the London Dry method at our Distillery on the beach in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.


To create Fishers, our Distiller Ben hand forages wild herbs and local coastal botanicals. The taste is robust and natural with savoury, aromatic and herbaceous notes. It finishes with a creamy, smooth and long-lasting flavour and has an ABV of 44%.


We recommend having your G&T in the style of our 'Distillery Serve'.  Enamel mug straight from the freezer

  • One large ice cube
  • Double serving of Fishers 'Original' Gin
  • Double Dutch Skinny Tonic
  • A slice of dehydrated orange

How it's made

Distilled overlooking Aldeburgh’s iconic shingle beach and handcrafted using some of the finest locally foraged wild herbs and coastal botanicals, the Fishers Original experience uniquely captures the distinctive character of the North Sea and the Suffolk salt marshes.

The result — the production of the most flavourful, full-bodied and aromatic gin possible.

Fishers botanical line-up includes:

• Juniper

• Caraway and Fennel Seed

• Bog Myrtle

• Rock samphire

• Wood avens

• Spignel

The resulting spirit is herbal and saline, then the addition of citrus peel gives a fresh, zesty brightness to the gin.

Our Process

Fishers is a London Dry Gin with a difference. All the botanicals go into our still to be steeped in our base spirit over night.

Only then does the final distillation in our hand-built Copper Pot take place. This process enables us to use the one-shot method at the end of the distillation, meaning we take only the best, or the ‘Heart’ cut of the distillate.

All of which combines to produce the most distinctive, flavoursome, full-bodied and aromatic coastal gin possible.

Andrew Says

Fishers Original, as it suggests, is the first recipe we used back in 2015 when we were distilling at Adnams. It was developed by me and my friend James Firth who is a gardener and botanist. We set out to create a gin that championed English flavours and herbs while still remaining true to the gin category. The recipe remains unchanged, and for me, Fishers Original represents the union between unusual English botanicals and traditional Eastern and Mediterranean flavours.

- Andrew Heald, Fishers Gin Founder