Fishers Mini Collection Fishers Mini Collection

Fishers Mini Collection

Made with hand foraged wild herbs and local coastal botanicals all within a stone’s throw of our distillery.


Our new Mini Collection consists of 3 x 20cl bottles, (1 Fishers Original, 1 Fishers Fifty and 1 Fishers Smoked).



The first gin we created. The taste is robust and natural with savoury, aromatic and herbaceous notes. It finishes with a creamy, smooth and long-lasting flavour.



Containing even more of our signature Suffolk coastal botanicals, the Fifty lends its name to the increased strength of 50% ABV. Peppery spice and pine aroma, balanced with earthy tones and herbaceous sweetness. It retains the smooth and creamy finish despite there being a higher ABV than our Original.



The UK’s first London Dry Smoked Gin. Created in partnership with Pinney’s of Orford, one of the finest smokehouses in England. Combining the essence of the Suffolk Coast with a traditional smokehouse flavour. To the nose you will get raw cocoa, vanilla pods and salted orange cake. To taste, woody oak smoke, cracked black pepper and juniper jam, with a warm and lingering finish.