Fishers Fifty Gin Fishers Fifty Gin
Fishers Fifty Gin Fishers Fifty Gin

Fishers Fifty Gin

Fishers Fifty was created to celebrate the opening of our Aldeburgh Distillery.


Inspired by our love for martinis and other short cocktails, Fifty contains even more of our signature Suffolk coastal botanicals to enhance this hearty and savoury gin.


The Fifty lends its name to the increased strength of 50% ABV to match the intensity of the flavour.


Fishers Fifty is a herbal and savoury gin with a peppery spice and pine aroma. Balanced with earthy tones and herbaceous sweetness. It retains the smooth and creamy finish despite there being a higher ABV than our Original.

How it's made

Distilled overlooking Aldeburgh’s iconic shingle beach and handcrafted using even more of our locally foraged wild herbs and coastal botanicals, Fishers Fifty was created to captures the distinctive character of the North Sea and the Suffolk salt marshes in the perfect way to enjoy as a martini.

Fishers botanical line-up includes:

• Juniper

• Coriander and Angelica Root

• Bog Myrtle

• Rock samphire

• Wood avens

• Spignel

The resulting spirit is herbal and savoury, with a hint of salinity bringing a bright satisfying feel to the gin.

Our process

Fishers is a London Dry Gin with a difference. All the botanicals go into our still to be steeped in our base spirit over night. Only then does the final distillation in our hand-built Copper Pot take place.

This process enables us to use the one-shot method at the end of the distillation, meaning we take only the best, or the ‘Heart’ cut of the distillate to put in our bottles.

All of which combines to produce the most distinctive, flavorsome, full-bodied and aromatic coastal gin possible.

Andrew Says

For me, the Fishers Fifty celebrates our move to Aldeburgh and the first chance we had to really explore our English botanicals. When we first fired up Watson we couldn’t resist adding a higher proportion of our own homegrown and foraged botanicals and the result is a gin I love: herbal, savoury and even more characterful than the Original.

- Andrew Heald, Fishers Gin Founder

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